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Vegan Cake Pops

Ok, I love the way these look and have seen them in a few places including Starbucks. They make the coolest dessert for birthday parties or holidays! I’ve been wanting to make them for awhile now. I decided to bite the bullet this weekend and make them since I am meeting up with a few people for coffee and I have guests coming. This recipe makes LOTS so I needed a way to get rid of them. I don’t eat many sweets and might just have one. So here we go………..


This is where I found the recipe. Her tutorial is awesome too, so check it out.



Just to make this fast and quick, I bought icing from the Dollar Store (usually I don’t like that nasty pre-made icing but for the purpose of this project I figured it would be ok. I already had some Belgian Chocolate on hand to melt and bought sprinkles and lollipop sticks at a bulk store. I spent about $5 in total.


Here is what mine look like!



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