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Fashionista Minimalism

In my house, I have my own room which houses all my stuff including books, crafty stuff, clothes, shoes and accessories. My vanity dresser is also in there. Basically, everything is in there!


I am a messy person and this week I started organizing my closets (I have three). I got so overwhelmed with all my fashion stuff that I was wondering if it’s even possible to achieve minimalism as a die hard fashionista. Negative. At least I can’t do it. I can certainly organize my stuff so I can find it though. I don’t pack away any of my clothes no matter what season it is, it’s always out. If I compare myself to other women, I am not nearly as bad because I had a late start with being fashionable. However in some ways, I am a little appalled with my hoarding of fashion items.


That is when I decided to go looking for some fashionista websites which promote minimalism. Here they are:

Minimalist Beauty (A Fashionista’s Minimalist Style)

The Uniform Project (Check this out, wearing a black dress all year!?)

6 Items or Less (Great project! 6 items or less? wow!)

The Cardigan Project (Blogger attempting fashion minimalism)


I’ve noticed that on fashion minimalist websites, people try to keep basic pieces and use accessories to make them look different. I think if I was starting out as a new fashionista I’d probably start experimenting this way.



If you are fashion challenged and are not sure what should be in your closet (basics), then check out this wicked book:
Style Yourself: Inspired Advice From The World’s Fashion Bloggers



How do you achieve fashionista minimalism?


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