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Male vs Female Brains

I am writing about this subject, since 3 people in the past couple of weeks have accused me of having a male brain. I’ve been hearing this my whole life, usually from men. It probably also explains why I only have one close female friend.

To be clear, I do not have a male brain in the neanderthal stereotypical sense. I am certainly not into hot blonde babes with big melons, or Maxim magazine & beer, I’ve never been in a fist fight (I’m too classy for that), I really dislike sports with a passion and fast cars are really just for guys with small penises right? Oh, and I am definitely not handy. Of course these are stereotypes of typical males -  who I usually don’t get along with either. :) The men in my life have never been these male stereotypes, thankfully.

When I say I have a male brain, I am referring to how I process information, how I view situations and how I generally think. I started digging into this as I was sure some research was done on the subject by a few over-achiever psychologists who are profs at some ritzy universities. Heck, I can’t be the only chick with a mostly male brain out there right?

Women generally don’t take to me very well, unless they are much older, and even then! Women can take me at a distance but they don’t seem to want to get too close to me, unless they are similar to myself. And many men LOVE being my friend but when it comes to dating me,they don’t see me that way. Basically, I intimidate them and I don’t do enough confusing cute mysterious girl things to make them want to date me. And I am a natural born leader too. But guys always welcomed me in their circles because we were usually brought together by mutual female rejection. They couldn’t get a date with women and the girls didn’t want to be my friend. We had something in common!

And I remember an old friend telling me years later that I was the only girl the guys could talk to normally back then, whatever that means. :) Do guys talk to girls differently? I guess they do.

Back in the day, my guy friends thought I was cool to hang out with because I didn’t take 3hours to get ready to go out, I could swear like a sailor if I had to, they didn’t have to bail me out if some idiot was hitting on me at the bar (they wanted to see how I was going to annihilate them instead!) and I would keep my mouth shut when I saw something I shouldn’t be repeating later on. I could also pick them up and drag them home when they were too hammered to walk home by themselves. I was a good dude friend that way.

I will say, that my father probably had something to do with socializing me like this (and mom too of course!). He spoke of women trying to climb the corporate ladder by pissing on everyone and not asking for help (he ran companies). He told me that men were always more team players than women because of socialization and he was going to make sure I was going to be a team player in life. He didn’t want me to end up like some spoiled cry baby emotional girl who was going to use my “weakness” and gender/sex to get my way. He was going to make sure I was going to grow up strong, and that I could play nice & fair, if you know what I mean.

So, I found a test to determine my male vs female brain and sure enough, the results were right there in front of me. I was a few points away from having a completely male brain according to this website. So there you have it. Though to be sure, I will probably go find a few more tests out there, perhaps with 500 questions so I can be sure that I am not being mislead. Oh yes, and being analytical is apparently quite male. Or so “they” say.

I am definitely more concerned with facts and truth than people’s feelings and emotions. I dislike emotions at times though I do think they are necessary and part of being human. (see? am I a dude or what?). So if someone comes whining to me about a problem, I probably won’t take their hand and say “oh my goodness, poor you, do you need me to get you anything?” (that would be very female). Of course it depends on the problem, but if it’s basic useless whining that I have no time for, I will just say: “Stop your whining and just do something about it”. (I am not always harsh but just direct). I don’t have compassion for people who complain and keep doing stupid things. Sorry. And emotions make me uncomfortable.

While I might have a dude brain, I am very far from being dude looking. I take care of myself and have a newly great sense of grooming and fashion taste. (though it didn’t come naturally, as you know from my other blog posts). I actually look like a really harmless attractive female until I open my mouth and that’s when they run for it! :)

Needless to say, people come to me for truth, facts and solid advice, not to wipe the tears off their cheeks.

Here are a few cool tests, find out what YOU are!

Sex I.D. (from BBC Science & Nature) – this will take you about 20mins to complete

The Brain Wiring Test (from a Danish website) – This won’t take you longer than 10minutes to complete.



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