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Craft or Buy: Newfie HoneyComb Mittens

There is a little mall where I work and around the holidays there are tables set up with things people are selling, usually crafts and food. Today there was a little old granny selling these cool mittens she called “Newfie Mittens”. If you are Canadian you know what that is. Newfie is something or someone from the province of Newfoundland. I am not sure if this pattern originated there but I have also seen them called HoneyComb Mittens. These are totally cool and groovy looking especally if you use more than two colours. I can’t knit but shared the pattern with a few people who do. These would make an awesome gift. Little Old Granny sold them for $6 but I have seen them on Etsy for $15+. So I got a deal, I can’t imagine how long it took her to make these!

Here is a knitting pattern for the Newfie Mittens: http://balkanstyle.blogspot.com/2008/01/free-newfie-mitten-pattern.html

And if you can’t knit or don’t know anyone who can knit them for you, I found someone from Newfoundland on Ebay selling them for CHEAP! Here is her Ebay Shop: NLCRAFTY (so many choices!)

Happy Crafting!

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