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Simple DIY Natural Beauty & Cleaning

I have put together a list of bath & cleaning recipe links for you! These rock and are all easy to make, seriously.

Natural Beauty & Cleaning Recipes Links

Tub & Shower Magic (People rave about this stuff, so easy!)

Detox Bath (I am definitely making this!)

Homemade Hostess Gift – All Natural Candle & Cleaners (this makes the best gift, and there are PDF labels to print as well! Awesome cleaning recipes, beautifully done)

Ceramic Tile Grout Cleaner – So easy

How to remove static cling – Surprisingly simple methods!

DIY Eco Friendly Hand Softener – Never seen this one before, how cool!

DIY Natural Hair Masks – A few easy ideas to nourish your hair.

Fake-It Febreeze – Cheap fabric refresher recipe

Eco Friendly Air Freshener – Easy and natural



all natural candles and cleaners - hostess gift set

Image borrowed from hostessblog.com (Homemade Hostess Gift)

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