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10 Pieces of Happiness

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Right now I have to stay positive as much as I can. Unfortunately, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to be here while knowing I will be moving soon. Daily chores and being present is extremely tough for me right now. So I decided to write a post on 10 things that made me happy this week & what is also keeping me preoccupied. 

1. CONCRETE WALL by Zee Avi (this is such a wonderful song, I love it and hope to go see this artist play live someday, I found it this week and it makes me happy). Check out her website! Support indie artists. I am going to purchase one of her albums. So lovely.

2. SPOON/FORK RING TUTORIAL (I found this recently and have seen these being sold for $20! So I will be off to the thrift store this weekend to pick up some suitable cutlery pieces to make a few of these as I have a ring obsession lately)



3. RAW VEGAN CHEESECAKE RECIPE (I nearly died when I saw this…no not literally! I’m going to make this to tackle any sweet cravings, so easy isn’t it? I might top it with a fruit sauce made with organic blueberries/agave)

4. BRUSSEL SPROUT SWEET POTATO HASH (I found this while looking for new ways to cook up my winter local produce. Can’t wait to try this out!



5. HIGH STREET CARDIGANS FASHION BLOG - I love this woman! She’s not girly in a bad way like a lot of women are. She’s classy and sassy with incredible fashion sense. Love her! This blog is from Romania (Bucharest). I will be going to Romania this year, can’t wait.

6. PINTEREST.COM - Best website to waste time but also to get some cool creative ideas!! I’ve found some awesome things here but generally have to weed through way too much wedding and baby stuff!! I find this website a bit too girly but I do find great ideas which is the reason I keep going to it. It’s addictive, so be careful. :)
7. ACADEMIC EARTH – One of my favorite websites to watch university lectures. Oh ya! Makes me happy.
8. TWO IF BY SEA CAFE – If this place didn’t exist, not sure where I would spend half of my week. I do a lot of my writing here. This place is for the true coffee aficionado. And this is one of the only places where I love the staff AND patrons.
9. SALAD IN A JAR – I was so excited to find this – yep, you guessed it..on Pinterest!  I love eating salads when the produce is in season. How cool and easy does this look? Going to do this on a regular basis, especially when I move and get a full time job!
10. CALIFORNICATION – Regular readers will know that I got rid of TV 7 years ago and never looked back! I do download a couple of shows, this being my favorite one right now. Every time I watch it, I feel less weird, crazy and mental (this is a good thing!). Hank Moody beats me on all of this. Phew. I think any other eccentric writer will appreciate this too. The writing is incredible, which is one of the other reasons I watch it. LOVE.

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  1. Thanks for linking up my cheezecake! And if you don’t want to mess with soaking cashews for 2 hours, and blending, (But it’s super easy) you can always use vegan cream cheese like Tofutti and add agave, lemon juice, etc to taste. Enjoy it if you make it!

  2. Thanks for the tip Averie. I have tofutti in my fridge right now. YES! :)

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