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Frugal Vanity: The $15 Haircut

I realized the other day that I need a haircut, badly. Mostly just a trim. I normally go to the hair school but it takes awhile for the students to do it. Generally, I like chatting with them and I don’t mind if it takes an hour to get a trim. Lately, I don’t have a whole lot of patience and just want to get my hair cut quickly to get it over with.

This morning, my partner told me that he needed to get his hair cut too.


He used to pay $35 a month to get a haircut at some trendy salon. About a year ago, I suggested he try this other place (I had a coupon for it) and he said yes – luckily he’s adventurous. Though he was a bit hesitant. Thankfully, he’s had great haircuts ever since, no botching! He was pleasantly surprised.

Now, he pays $15 (so that’s $24o savings a year) and we also signed up to receive $2 off coupons via email.

So, I decided to bite the bullet and try the place myself. I was scared, I admit it. But 10 minutes later, I walked out of there with a perfect trim and did not have a botched or bowl-cut look at all! :)

The best part? It cost me $15!! What a steal!

If you have a funky hairdo, maybe those places aren’t the best for that. If you need a quick trim, definitely do it. I wouldn’t get colouring or fancy trendy cuts there either, just saying.

If you live in Canada, the place is called First Choice Haircutters. If you sign up here, you can get your coupons emailed to you either weekly, every two weeks, every month…you pick.

In the US, there is a similar chain called SuperCuts. They offer the same $2 off coupon on their website if you sign up here.

Many frugal folk actually cut their own hair to save cash. I am not that brave. These professional hairstylists spend a year or more learning how to cut hair. I should leave this kind of task to the professionals, right? If I did it myself, I’d fear that I’d look like a mental institute runaway who’s been off her meds for awhile. No one trusts me with scissors or anything sharp for that matter. :)

So from now on, I’m spending $15 on my trims every 2 months and if I need anything fancier, I’ll go to the hair school.


$15 can be a lot of money for some, especially these days. Sometimes, people will have to resort to cutting their own hair. If that is the case, I suggest you try bartering with a student on Craigslist or Kijiji (You bake them cookies, mow their lawn and you get a haircut!) or check out this link on WikiHow, it tells you how to cut your own layers! This Blog also has tons of ways to do it yourself and includes videos.(for guys too)






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  1. I too have gone the First Choice Haircutters route and have not looked back! They do a good job for a basic cut :)

  2. I cut and dyed my own hair for years (some good results, some not so amazing, but none were terrible – my advice is to go slow!) and now go to the beauty school or get crazy promotions at fancier places. The key is to COMMUNICATE with your stylist – if you don’t, even an expensive haircut can be a nightmare.

    I’m pretty excited because today I got a totally FREE blowout at an Ulta promotion…and I tried out a bunch of products around the store for a new look for this evening!

  3. Excellent advice Spinnabel…communicating! I am a big communicator so I’ve never had serious problems myself. I just don’t trust myself with scissors. haha. I am now seeking out groupon type coupons if I ever need to colour it again but will stick to the cheap hair cut from now on.

    FREE blowout at Ulta? NICE score! :)

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