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DIY Personalized Water Bottle Labels for Events

As I head into Airbnb season, I decided to revamp the water bottles I give travelers upon arriving. I used the following template and changed it up to suit my needs: http://inspirethebride.onsugar.com/DIY-Download-Free-Waterbottle-Label-Template-4198751


Here are a few other templates you can use:


http://waterbottlelabels.co/?p=819 (scroll down to Water Bottle Template & DIY Water Bottle Labels)

For some cool free fonts to use, try 1001 Free Fonts. I downloaded a number of fonts to try. Awesome site.
Here is what my bottle looks like now:

I also have another one which says WELCOME.I placed the Airbnb Logo on the back as well.

You can use these bottles for ANY type of event. I am actually organizing an event and will be making different ones for that. Would be cool for any type of party or event.

Don’t want to make them yourself? Head on over to ETSY.COM and buy a digital personalized or premade label from artists there to print yourself.

Here are a few frugal choices:

The Pretty Paperie Labels ($9)

JC Accents Labels ($5.50)

Inviting Printables Nautical Labels (5.00)

Sweet Mady Gifts – Pretty in Paris Labels (6.00)

LollipopInk Over the Rainbow Labels (6.00)


If you search for “Water Bottle Label Printables” you’ll come up with lots of choices.























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