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A life of luxury freebies & deals

 I am on the hunt for quality luxurious freebies and deals, not junk like Burger King or drugstore shampoos but deals at fancy places, hotels and maybe some free organic products. I’ve taken my search a little further to continue my post about “Living like the rich on a small budget” so you can enjoy the perks too.

Massage Addict (www.massageaddict.ca) -Nova Scotia & Ontario

I finally got my intro $39 massage last night which was quite good. The guy was very meticulous and serious ab0ut his job. This was no spa atmosphere. He had the lights turned on and he was determined to “fix” any issues I had. So he worked on my feet and back & neck but didn’t touch the rest of my body. Although I did feel that he made my body better, I didn’t get that relaxation feeling you get while in a spa. This guy had a purpose: he was all about getting things fixed. He was either new at his job or just a very serious guy. I was afraid to tell him to turn the lights down because I feared it would throw him off what he was doing. Now mind you, if you are having some issues with your body; muscles aching, arthritis, bad back…this is your guy beacuse trust me, he likes a good challenge. But if you want a nice relaxing massage with lovely smells by candlelight, this isn’t gonna be the place to go. There are also different types of massage, he did Myofacial. I tend to enjoy Swedish the most, so I’ll make sure to ask for that next time. Still, at $39 it’s nice to be worked on for an hour, I can’t really complain. Next time I want this type of massage though, I will go to the massage school, it’s $25, the lights are on and the student only works on your physical issues.


After my massage I had some time to kill before meeting my friend for sushi. There is a Starbucks nearby the restaurant and I had a Starbucks card which I acquired for free. I went in, bought a Pike Place Coffee and the Barrista informed me that the cash register had selected me to do a survey online. All I had to do was go online fill out a survey which took me all of 2 minutes, you get a code which you write on your receipt and you get a free drink of your choice. SCORE! Am I the luckiest person or what? Let me tell you, I am going to get a Grande Latte or something expensive, something I would never actually purchase :)


Now onto freebies and deals. Getting luxury freebies is difficult. I had printed out some AVEDA coupons from their website which is techincally only for the US but I thought I’d give it a shot at some of the concept spas. No luck. I was hoping they’d humour me and give me something. Nope. One woman suggested I go to an actual AVEDA store. Since there are none where I live, I won’t be able to do that till my next trip in a month. Here’s hoping….That foot cream is unreal. It’s $12 Cdn for a tiny 1.4oz tube. Worth it but completely ridiculous. This is the freebie I am trying to score. Wish me luck.

What I suggest for people to do, is pick some products you really want but can’t afford to buy. Write the company and ask them if they can send a sample so you can try before you buy. Say you are on a budget and can’t afford to purchase it then have to throw it away if you don’t like it, you want to be sure. Some companies won’t send samples and will refer you to department stores or hair salons (depending what you’re asking for). My friend has an acquantaince who works at a ritzy department store in the makeup/perfume department where I live. She suggested I go see her and get some good free samples of stuff. That’s my next task. My plastic box is now 1/2 full of quality samples and I am trying to get it completely full.

If you have a few extra dollars, sometimes you can purchase things and get stuff for free. I bought something on this website: www.exuberancebeauty.com because I want to support independant Canadian companies who do good in the world. Apparently you get three deluxe size samples with your order. What’s nice is that you can collect luxury samples and make a gift basket for a friend or relative as a gift. It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts. I also purchased two for one organic shower gel (also from a Canadian company); two for the price of 1 on their website, though the deal is now over: www.consonantbody.com . I kept one for myself and am saving the other for a gift. Boy this stuff is good, Mint and Sage.

Will keep you posted on more goodies and freebies!

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