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10 Gifts for a total of $10: Part II

I wanted to come up with another list of 2 gifts to give for $10 in total for 10 people in case the calendar/hummus combo wasn’t right for some.

Let’s face it, $10 doesn’t get you very much these days but you can still give 10 small thoughtful and useful gifts for that price if you make your own stuff. These gifts would be great for colleagues, teachers, neighbours, acquaintances, your favourite barristas….

Here is Part II.


If you have recycled packaging and some of these ingredients already on hand, even better!

1. Make a batch of Cold & Flu Bath salts.

Here is my recipe for cold & flu bath salts (I put a foaming surfactant in mine – see optional ingredients):

I found most of these ingredients at the dollar store.

1 cup sea salts ($0.50)

*1 cup Epsom salts ($0.50)

**1 cup baking soda ($0.50)

2-4Tbsp dried lavender petals or dried mint (or combo) ($0.50)

25 drops Eucalyptus Oil (found at drugstore, most people have this on hand)

15 drops lavender essential oil (optional, only if you have it)

*If you are not adding the extra optional ingredients below (surfactant or citric acid), add an extra 1/3 cup of salts (then you will have enough mixture for 10 X 1/3 cup bags).

**I had some Pink Himalayan Salts on hand and used 1/2 cup of it in this recipe and decided to cut the baking soda in half.


For Foaming salts: 1/4 cup Bioterge AS-90 Surfactant (I used this to make a foaming bubble bath, already had it on hand)

For colored salts:: Blue Food or Green Colouring (I did not use this myself, but some people might want a colored salt)

For fizzing salts: If you have it, add 2/3 cup of citric acid to this mixture and your salts will fizz! Citric Acid  is available at all wine/beer making stores.

Mix everything in a bowl until well blended. Package 1/3 of mixture in a cellophane or small ziplock bag and label. This is enough for one bath.

*If you don’t have Epsom salts, you can use 2 cups of sea salt instead. Though Epsom salts are very good for relaxing muscles!

I put mine in a small cello bag and used aluminum colored twist ties, then placed it in a tiny paper bag and labelled it. I also put the bag in a small ziplock as I am putting them in a bag which will contain food gifts and did not want the scent to leak! I even attached a mint to the bag. (see pic below)

2. Make some mini bath bombs using mini muffin tin molds or ice cube or candy molds.

*You can find all kinds of different ice cube trays at the dollar store. Package 3-4 of these in a small cello or ziplock bag and label.


3. Make a batch of these awesome Vegan Molasses Cookies

Store a couple of  them in sandwich baggies with a twist tie. Another option is to make 10 large cookies and store them in CD Sleeves like THIS.


4. Big Batch No Bake Cookies (replace milk with non dairy milk)

Package the same way as the Molasses Cookies. (see above)


This recipe will make 16 X 125ml mason jars. (recycled baby food jars may also be used). The website has downloadable labels too!

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix


*this could be a bit more expensive if you don’t have any of the ingredients already on hand. Most people have flour and the basics for baking. You might need to get the cranberries and pumpkin which are inexpensive this time of year.

Wrap them like THIS. (click to see instructions)

Store gifts in paper lunch bags, as seen in original post HERE.

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